Baeryn 'Christian' Bloodhammer


Pale Skin, Black hair with a beard braided together and held with two gold rings. The Daenary brand on his left arm and a self inflicted 50 on his right arm.


Baeryn was raised by a secluded religious sect deep in the mountains, named “The Daenary”. Trained from birth to hate the outside world and all other “unclean” races, the teachings of this cult warped his mind, filling it with hate and anger. The cult is led by a mysterious figure, only referred to as “The Shadow Being”. Baeryn has never seen this person, only receiving orders from his followers. Baeryn was designated to be a soldior from birth and spent his first 40 years training and obeying the hateful orders of “The Shadow Being”.

One day, when out patrolling the edges of their small mountain home, Baeryn encounters a Gnome wizard. Letting unclean outsiders into their home would cause great suffering to come down on the Daenary and Baeryn immediately overpowers the Gnome. As he prepares to bring his Twisted Maul down on the Gnomes skull, the wizard casts a spell, clearing Baeryn’s mind and allowing him to see sense.

Baeryn is revilled by his past actions, and immediately remorseful for all the lives he has taken under the rule of “The Shadow Being”. The gnome, named Dorryn Sparklegem, consoles Baeryn and offers to take him from the mountain. This began the first day of the rest of Baeryn’s life.

He discards his old name and adopts the name “Christian”, wishing to leave behind any link to his dwarvish upbringing. After leading Christian out of his mountain home and teaches him the ways of the world. Christian is forever grateful to Dorryn, as well as all Gnomes, for the kindness that Dorryn showed to him.

Now, Christian travels the world, trying to right the wrongs that weigh heavily on his soul, trying to wipe the red from his ledger. He has the dwarven runes for 50 carved into his right bicep, to always remember the number of lives that he had taken under the Shadow Beings rule. He is quick to anger, codeming people to death for any misdemeanour, no matter how small, especially for any damage done to children.

He is in prison for killing a band of thieves who were stealing food rations from a poor farming family. He wears chain armour and a two handed battle hammer exclusively.

Baeryn 'Christian' Bloodhammer

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